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🎁Miktea cup 3-in-1 data cable- Yellow

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Original price $9.99
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  • Shipping Weight : 0.079kg
  • Net Weight : 0.079kg
  • Package Length : 13.7000cm
  • Package Width : 6.0000cm
  • Package Hight : 1.0000cm
  • Package Description : Main unit 216 piece cm

Material:PVC wire rod
Manual:The USB end is inserted into the output port of the power supply device, and then aligned and inserted; The other end can be charged by inserting a digital device; It is normal to display the charging sign;Please unplug it from the charging power supply in time after charging and keep it properly.

Note:1. Please do not pull the data cable when inserting or unplugging it. 2. Do not close to high temperature heat source, so as not to damage the product. 13. Pay attention to dust and moisture protection to protect the product.