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Electric wine bottle opener kit

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  • 4-Piece Wine Enthusiast Collection: Combination of Electric Wine Opener, Foil Cutter, Wine Decanter and Vacuum Stopper. We are a one-stop solution for opening, pouring and preserving. (Charging base and USB charging adapter not included)
  • Quick Removal Cork: Powerful electric wine opener for most wine bottle sizes. Remove the cork in 7 seconds without breaking the cork, just press the "DOWN" and "UP" buttons.
  • 【Easy USB charging】Connect the USB cable to charge. 30-40 wine bottles can be opened when fully charged. Please fully charge it before first use. If it is not used frequently, please charge it every three months. Since there is no battery reminder, if the battery is not enough to remove the cork, press and hold the "Up" button to release the cork.
  • Drip-free and fresh taste: The spout ensures a drip-proof pour. Made from food-grade materials, the wine decanter is ergonomically designed for consistent and predictable flow control every time, preventing staining. Vacuum stoppers eliminate wasted wine and preserve flavor, keeping wine fresh!
  • Beautiful 4 in 1 Gift Set: Elegant packaging design, perfect for wine lovers. It is also a very suitable tool for occasions such as parties, dates, birthdays and other celebrations.