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24pcs With Glue Ballet False Nails

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How to use:
Step 1. Clean your nails with an alcohol cleaning kit
Step 2. Choose the jelly glue and nail patches that are suitable for the size of the nails (the size of the nails decreases from 0 to 9, 0 is the largest and 9 is the smallest)
Step 3. Apply the glue/jelly glue to the nail surface or the inside of the nail patch
Step 4. Look at the internal measurement number of the nail patch, the side with the number is facing outward, and stick to the nail surface along the root Picking method: Glue: use a degumming agent Jelly glue: Soak the nails in hot water for about 2 minutes to remove
1. Easy to operate, no need to bake
2. There are many types of nails, designed according to the size of Asian women's nails
3. Nail shape can be trimmed
4. The nail piece can be reused without damage
5. The nail plate material is ABS, which is healthy and environmentally friendly
1. Do not touch water within 2 hours after wearing
2. Do not soak in warm water for a long time after wearing
3. The nail piece is thin, folded without traces, mind to shoot carefully
4. The color of the picture is slightly wrong due to light and other reasons, mind taking pictures carefully
5. The outer end of some nail pieces may be slightly protruded due to production reasons, which can be removed with a nail file.