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Black Showsee Nose Hair Trimmer Clipper C1-BK

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  • Shipping Weight : 0.100kg
  • Net Weight : 0.125kg
  • Package Length : 6.0000cm
  • Package Width : 3.0000cm
  • Package Hight : 14.5000cm
  • Package Description : Host x1, instruction x1, battery x1cm

ShowSee Nose Hair Trimmer

Painless shaving, quick and easy, exquisite and compact, long-lasting companionship

The arched head does not hurt the nasal cavity. Double-edged floating cutter head will not pull hair. Noise-cancelling miniature motor for smooth use. Independent cutter head can be removed and washed.

Clean and neat

ShowSee Nose Hair Trimmer, electric trim, shave clean all at once. It does not damage the nasal cavity and is compact and portable.

Mini pen-shaped body, lightweight and compact, beautiful and easy to use

It is the same size as a pen and weighs only 26g. Its slim and lightweight body can be held with one hand.

Can be used in multiple places

Wash up. Traveling. Work commute


Shave a lot of nose hair at a time. 360 ° high-speed rotation, floating cutter head

Built-in floating double-edged cutter head. During high-speed rotation, 360 ° omnidirectional capture of multiple nose hairs entering from the slit of the cutter head. There is no pulling feeling, and the nose hairs that are difficult to handle in the nasal cavity can be quickly shaved.

Miniature motor that reduces vibration and noise. You can shave thick nose hair.

Choose a miniature motor with high torque, high speed and long life. Unique vibration and noise reduction structure, facing deep cleansing of thick nose hair. While ensuring the strong output power of the motor, while shaving the nose hair. Minimize noise.

1 AAA battery (Not included). Low energy consumption design. Use longer

Miniature, low power, high efficiency motor. 1 AAA battery. Can be used continuously for 3 hours. Two minutes a day for three months of use.

Detachable body, independent cutter head, removable and washable

One-click rotation. The cutter head and body can be disassembled and cleaned quickly and easily. After trimming the nose hair, the blade is disassembled and rinsed to prevent bacteria from growing and the nasal cavity is sterile and healthier.


Replace as you like

1. Grasp the lower half of the cutter head and follow the arrow to turn it counterclockwise to unlock it.

2. After the cutter head is unlocked, gently pull it up to remove the cutter head.

3. Take out the blade, clean the brush, and wash it every 2 months.

4. Rinse the blade directly. After you need to dry. Perform a second use.

More details

One key to open: electronic slide switch. Prevent accidental touch. Dust protection: independent protective cover. Difficult to accumulate dust. Beautiful appearance: matte feel body. Subtly prevent roll-off.